General Information

Preparing Your Quilt


  • Your backing & batting need to be at least 3 inches bigger than your quilt top on all sides.      
  • I use the same color thread on the top & in the bobbin. Keep this in mind when choosing your backing.   
  • Press and neatly fold your quilt top and backing fabric. The backing should be pieced (if necessary) and squared up. Please press the backing seam open to reduce bulk.   
  • Borders that do not lay flat may cause tucks or pleats in the final quilt.   
  • Trim any loose threads on your quilt top. Unclipped dark threads can show through underneath light fabrics.     
  • If directional, identify the top of your quilt & the top of your backing with safety pins.      

Quilting Pricing


Edge-to-edge Quilting
Stippling/meandering, feathers,

loops, pantographs

$0.0175/ square inch 

Custom Quilting

Blocks and borders custom  

$0.035/square inch and up


Hobbs 80/20 (96 inches wide) 


Other batting available upon request.

Choosing Batting  

I buy batting by the roll and sell it by the yard. If you would prefer to provide your own batting, I am happy to use most any product you bring along with your quilt. Just remember that in most cases, you get what you pay for, and you worked hard to make the perfect quilt top and purchasing batting is not the time to pinch pennies.

Other Pricing



Full Binding: (includes trimming quilt, prepare & attach binding by machine,
hand stitching to back)
$0.25/running inch    

Full Binding: (includes trimming quilt, prepare & attach binding by machine,
machine stitching to back)      
$0.20/running inch    

Half Binding: (includes prepare & attach binding by machine, TO THE TOP ONLY)      $0.15/running inch   

Hanging Sleeve:  Includes hemming, attaching to quilt and hand stitching
$0.30/running inch   

Labels: Embroidered or Printed on Fabric      $10.00/each      

Payment Options: Cash or Check ($25 returned check fee) or PayPal (add 5%)       

Quilts must be picked up and paid for within 30 day of notice of completion. A charge equal to 2% of the total bill will be added per week for storage of quilts left after
30 days. After 6 months, quilts will be considered the property of Ruthie's Quilting and will be sold to recoup the quilting fee.